A Short History

One of our first markets — cheerful (and hopeful), but a tad quiet:

 What an interesting process to start a local market! About a year ago, two of us started brainstorming how we could create a place to sell what we made. We asked Cindy, owner of Belfast Feed Store, if we could use their property for the market and she agreed. We were off! With two more organizers joining us, and our husbands, we launched Bow Little Market at the end of July 2010. The first markets were scary as we put every effort into enticing vendors and customers through advertising, signage and word-of-mouth. Gradually, over the season, we grew with more vendors and more traffic. By our last market, the Holiday Festival, we had grown to a phenomenal turnout. Nearly every vendor said they would be back next year.

Throughout the experience, one thing has distinguished our market, and it remains the philosophy with which we go forward: friendliness and community spirit. From the beginning, we realized that the market is mostly for small vendors with fewer options. Bigger local retailers stayed away, and in the end, that was okay. It’s called Bow LITTLE Market for a reason. But many, many small farmers and craftspeople found us. Now we can grow together!

At your service:
Patty and Dan Sweaney
Sarai and Mike Stevens
Elaine and John Blackmore
Janet McKinney
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